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New sampling ready to be entered in our fabric database

New samples arrive on a weekly basis. We have almost 2000 sample collections and 6000 fabric types in our fabric ‘library’. The individual fabrics in each of those samples number from 5 to sometimes more than 100.

All these options are available to you the public. Ninety-five% of them are on our fabric database to allow quick access to pricing and other details for our decorators.

There are currently 60,000 individual fabrics on our database from 40 different suppliers. For the major suppliers we would often have the majority of their fabrics sampled.

We select the ‘best’ which comes down to 1. best value and 2. best for Queensland.

You might be surprised how much of a supplier’s range which hits the mark for our friends in Melbourne, does not get a second look from Queenslanders.

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