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Renovation of poker lounge

There have been about ten ‘Poker Lounge’ renovations for which we have provided curtains in the last couple of years. The curtains cover the walls behind the machines and sometimes other entire walls on view. The architects go all out to create a special closed in the environment, far away from the humdrum world.

It started off with velvet curtains, sometimes including quite expensive sculpted patterns. Then bright metallic coloured sheers with metal thread highlights were discovered.

The latest move is into actual metal curtains in bright gold and silver. These are in string bead form or, in the most recent job, a ‘fabric’ made of lots of little metal plates linked together. The second image shows a closer view in our showroom of a piece of this ‘material’.

The other images are the sample cards – a huge array of colours and styles. Where the golds might have to stay in clubs and bars, the silvers could be very attractive sheer curtains in the right situation in a home – likewise some of the coloured finishes. And at less than $150 per sq.m for the actual fabric, it is quite affordable.

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