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S Fold for Andersons, ripplefold, wavefold for others

Our S Fold curtains now make up about 50% of our curtain sales. I see this as part of a gradual but very noticeable returning popularity of curtains in window furnishings as opposed to blinds.

Whilst customers are attracted to the great variety of pattern, colour and texture in curtain fabrics compared with the limitations of blind fabrics, they still want a clean tailored appearance not fussy, and contemporary not old style.

S Fold as a curtain style satisfies these requirements.

Andersons have tried various proprietary heading types such as mentioned above. The main limitation has always been set curtain fullnesses, and not sufficient fullness to achieve the S Fold effect all the way down the curtain.

And particularly with the beautiful contemporary sheer fabrics for curtains that are the largest proportion of our S Fold sales, this is a major limitation. Sheers are their most attractive with a luxurious fullness.

The other limitation of standard types is double stitch lines showing at the heading because they all rely on a tape attached to the back of the heading. There has been a recent innovation from the proprietary headings in tapes with adjustable hook positions. This overcomes the first limitation mentioned above, but not the second.

Andersons S Fold heading have custom clear tape 35mm heading so that the headingis cleaner and more tailored looking. The images show an S Fold curtain in our showroom. Note also the special ceiling fix track for that neat minimalist look.

Which brings me to the subject of my next blog. To ceiling fix or not to ceiling fix your curtain. This has become a question we encounter increasingly, apparently because it has become a decorator fashion issue in magazines and television home makeover shows.

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