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Yes upholstery too!

You heard it right! We do upholstery as well.

Do you have some well loved furniture pieces? New premium foam custom inserts and a classy fabric selection transformed this classic '60s timber framed sofa with companion ottoman.

This is simple work, but we can handle any upholstery project. Our upholsterer is a slow talking Yorkshireman from the old school, classically trained you might say.

By the way, for the same customer, note the S Fold curtains draping the way S Fold / Wave Fold / Ripplefold should look, with the folds uniform right to the bottom.

The secret is having the correct fullness of fabric to achieve that effect. With our fully customised S Fold componentry we can adjust to suit, unlike some of the proprietary systems which leave the bottom half of the curtain looking like any other curtain heading.

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