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Not curtains: hard blind options

Roller blinds

There is quite a list of products in this category and it is a continually changing scene. What they have in common is they all use fabric; stiffened or coated in most cases, but also pleated and cellular and other types. Some of the products have quite specialised application. Andersons are up to date with all of it and can solve just about any window treatment problem you might have.

Most of what has to be said about roller blinds or ‘holland blinds’ has already been covered. There is a discussion to be had though about bottom trim options.


Vertical blinds

Despite seemingly universal dislike by decorators, vertical blinds can be a very practical option, providing directional privacy and sun control by the angle of the blades.


Curtain / verticals

The Verishade blind is a recent innovation to the Australian market.

It consists of sheer curtain fabric combined with a blockout vertical blind, refer the images. It provides all the practical advantages of a vertical blind with the more decorative appeal of a tailored style of curtain.

‘Hard’ panelblinds

Panel blinds have been pretty well covered in the Soft Blinds section. Andersons will make these blinds in roller fabrics although we tend to be choosy in the types of fabric we would recommend. Depending on the stiffness of the fabric, Andersons offer the spline lath style with the hard version as well, to add visual interest to plain fabrics. Fabric covered fascias will always be included in the price whether using soft or hard fabrics.

Cellular / pleated blinds

Known as ‘Verosol’ blinds after the company that introduced them to Australia in the '60s or '70s, pleated blinds have never since matched that level of fashion interest, but they have not gone away either.

There are a couple of European suppliers in the Australian wholesale pleated blind fabric market currently. Once again, our friend Louvolite has just launched a large new range of ‘cellular’ fabrics which has overnight majorly expanded the fabric options in that market.


Other internal blind types

Probably the major new entrants in this category are well represented again by our friends Louvolite – the Vision blind and the Visage. There are other suppliers also and altogether a confusing array of names for the same products.


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