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Shutters and blinds in timber, PVC, metal

Metal Venetians

25mm aluminium Venetians, so called ‘Slimline Venetians’ are a standby for wet areas because they are very practical in that they allow privacy control and air flow, and also because they are very inexpensive; probably the next least expensive window treatment after basic fabric roller blinds and vertical blinds.

Surprisingly the 50mm aluminium venetian of '50s and '60s popularity is still available in today’s fashion colours. This is the same size blade as the timber look PVC venetian which has taken its place. The thinness of the metal blades in the open position provides an attactive clean view compared with the more bulky PVC version. Worth reconsidering.

Timber & PVC Venetians

Timber and ‘timber look’ venetian blinds are a major shareholder of the Australian window furnishings market, although almost all timber look rather than timber.


Internal shutters

Virtually everything said before about timber venetians applies equally to shutters. If white or off white is your choice then synthetic shutters are increasingly inexpensive and very good quality. They are also waterproof and ideal for wet area applications. They continue to come down in price, and are now a very affordable decorator option for smaller windows in particular, throughout the house. The recent introduction of an expanded Timber Eco version has introduced a very attractive range of timber stain colours.


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