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Not curtains: soft blind options

Blinds – an overview

Before we get into blinds, a little historical background might be helpful to the understanding of where we are at, and where we might be heading with this department of window furnishings, hopefully to avoid your getting caught in a fashion cul de sac with your interior decoration choices.


Roman blinds and panel blinds

And now to our products in these blind categories, and the reason, to our mind, there are two categories of blind, ‘soft blinds’ and ‘hard blinds’.

Blind manufacturers offer roman blinds in roller blind fabrics but you won’t find any in Andersons gallery of products as the fabric is too stiff to form nice flat folds as the blind is raised, let alone the fact that the blind has a very unfinished look with no side hems possible.

Roman blinds and panel blinds from Andersons, are manufactured from curtain fabrics either coated fabrics or with sewn-in linings. Not only is the finished appearance much superior in our view for the reasons already mentioned, but the decorating options with curtain fabrics, and even upholstery fabrics, are much more diverse and satisfying.

Moreover, fabric prices in the case of coated fabrics are at least competitive with roller blind fabrics.



Panelblinds consist of linked full length panels of roller blind fabric 500–700mm width, or from Andersons, any soft furnishings fabric at all with an appropriate backing. These slide on a set of 4, 5 or 6 channels so that they can cover the opening or stack back behind one another.


Bonded blinds

Bonded blinds, as the industry shortens the terminology, after several decades being a favourite with decorators fell out of favour in the time of minimalism. However, in the last few years in our experience, as bold, large scale prints have entered (or re-entered) the latest decorating fashion scene, they are coming more in demand.


Austrian blinds

Austrian blinds are another category of window treatment which is attracting interest again after several years when we thought we’d never be asked to make another one.


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