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Where do you start?

Your Story

You’ve selected floor plan, bricks, tiles, done a bit of colour co-ordination; selected paint colours, kitchen laminates, carpet, combined textures and finishes.

Time to think about window furnishings. Where do you start?


Let’s take our paint colours in and match some fabric colours

Can I respectfully suggest, NO. Let’s think about treatments first, then fabric types and finally, finally colour.


Where Andersons sit in the industry

Round about this time, hopefully, you discover Andersons Window Furnishings and our decorator staff. A friend or relative may have mentioned us. Most of our business comes that way. Our staff are very experienced decorators, and include qualified designers as well, but working for Andersons they specialise in window furnishings and the associated soft furnishings items that are crucial to the finished effects of a room, with no fee involved.


So what is the process from here on?

Our website is organised around five broad categories of treatment options that we handle:

  1. Curtains
  2. What we call soft blinds (made with soft furnishing fabrics)
  3. Hard blinds
  4. External shutters & deck blinds
  5. Soft furnishings & upholstery

We hope to present information in each area that is helpful toward your choices. This is the information our consultants will be working with in thinking about your project. So, back to your story now with the help of one of our consultants.



Any sort of guidance for our consultants on your budget expectations is helpful. An average houseful of custom window furnishings is $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 or $40,000+ depending entirely on the price of the fabrics and how elaborate are the treatments.


Speak to one of our experts

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