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These are your options, an overview


Fashion is a wheel, as we know. What was ‘in’ yesterday is out today and and will be in tomorrow. Curtains and blinds are just as much a plaything of fashion as beards are. Curtains are today being rediscovered as a window furnishings option, after many years taking a back seat to blinds of various types.


Large opening options

Apart from these decorating considerations, curtains are one practical option for large openings such as sliding doors, where roller blinds or venetian blinds are exactly the wrong option, despite the fact whole apartment buildings in recent years have been done out in these blinds.


Small openings

On the other side of the coin, for small openings blinds of various types are often the practical choice.


Light control

The description of certain fabrics for curtains or blinds as ‘blockout’ has given rise to an unfortunate expectation with some customers that the room treatment is ‘blackout’. The fabric might be 100% light blocking but any curtain or blind will allow light around the edges, all the more accentuated because the fabric is blockout. For those demanding ‘blackout’, there are solutions however.



What has been said about light control pretty much covers the question of insulation.



For the same fabric price ranking roller blinds are obviously the least expensive option, matched pretty much by vertical blinds and aluminium Venetians.


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