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Curtain Top Treatments

Brisbane Decorative Window Treatments for Curtains and Blinds

Complete decorative window treatments are an alternative to decorative tracks.

Pelmets, valances, and swags are perfect finishing and framing options for complete decorative window treatments Brisbane.

Upholstered pelmets lead the way, in plain straight style as opposed to the fancy winged and scalloped designs of previous fashions. The amazing variety of fabrics available today, in themselves is sufficient to provide the interest and accent needed without added fancy shapes and detail. There will always be a requirement for the more traditional pelmet shapes, however, in appropriate settings.

Valances as top treatments i.e. normal  curtain headings of various types with 300-400mm of finished length have receded in favour with the one exception of the inverted box pleat for a clean tailored look.

Swags in full tailored style have a limited specialist traditional style application, as a rule. Andersons are ready again when the fashion changes. ‘Draped’ swags, so popular only 5-10 years ago, where anyone could have a go with a length of fabric draped over ‘swag holders’ or decorator poles, have died a merciful death.

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