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Curtain Track and Rod Types

The installation hardware for curtains in Brisbane is a world of options in itself. Pictures paint, as they say; however, a familiar theme for you by now in this website, is this: as well as style options there are important practical considerations to make sure you are doing the right thing.  Read on for a full discussion of types of curtain tracks and curtain rods.

Styleline Made to Measure Curtain Tracks

As mentioned previously, Styleline is a proven design of made to measure basic curtain tracks. The track is extruded aluminium supplied in six metre lengths which we cut to size so that every track is a one-piece section. There are no overlapping joins to eventually cause trouble, as in packaged ‘expandable’ tracks.

Styleline componentry includes a large variety of bracket options to suit every fitting situation. It is available in hand draw, and cord draw which is used for larger width openings generally. Cord draw operation is also standard for the rear track lining on a double track installation with sheer on the front track.

With every hand draw track, Andersons include control wands which are lightweight metal or clear acrylic rods attached to a leading glider in the curtain so that the curtain can be drawn across that track without handling the fabric. We also include magnetic overlaps on centre opening curtains and magnetic holds for one way draw curtains. Styleline curtain tracks Brisbane can also be bent to bay window shapes or 90-degree corner bends in both cord or hand draw.


Types of Decorator Curtain Tracks and Rods

Decorator tracks

Apart from the Brisbane’s basic curtain tracks such as Styleline, there are decorator tracks and decorator rods and poles. Where the standard curtain heading for a basic track is designed to cover the track, decorator tracks, even though they work on the same principle with gliders to carry the curtain, require curtain headings that sit below the track, butting up to the bottom of the track to allow it to be on show.  These tracks are made to measure aluminium, usually round section typically 25mm and 38mm diameter, but available in other sizes, and come in a range of metal finishes and powder-coated finishes. They also have a range of finial types i.e. the end fittings.


Decorator curtain rods & poles

The distinction to be aware of here is between decorator tracks and decorator rods/poles, the latter have rings which travel across the curtain rod or pole with eyelets at the bottom of the ring for the curtain to hook into. The common packaged wooden pole treatment is 35-38mm diameter with matching wooden rings and two styles of finials.

There are also packaged decorator rods, expandable (i.e. in two pieces with overlapping join, not good) and usually in smaller diameter 16mm or 19mm, not to be confused with the made to measure items.


The Problem with Rings on Rods

Of course, there are also beautifully custom finished upmarket decorator rods/poles (with rings) in wood and a variety of finishes in metal, all with elaborate finials and with pole sizes up to 50mm diameter. The limitation with rods/poles is that they suit small openings only, or fixed side drops because the rings which encircle the pole are not able to move past a wall bracket. Bracket spacing is a maximum of 1.2m – 1.5m depending on the weight of the curtain, and the diameter of the rod. A decorator rod/pole will therefore definitely not suit a one-way draw curtain on a typical Queensland sliding door, and commonly is not up to even a centre open curtain with stackback on a 2400mm opening, of which Queensland has many.


The Solution with Rings on Rods

However, there are hybrid decorator tracks which retain the rings as a decorative feature but the rings only partially encircle the rod and can move past intermediate brackets. These are metallic finish decorator tracks in 25mm and 38mm diameters.

If stained wood is the finish required or custom painted to match walls or curtain fabrics etc. there is such a thing as pole fascias. What looks like a normal 38mm wood pole is rebated at the back to take a Styleline track, concealed from view. The curtain butts to the bottom of the pole, no rings, however, and large expanses can be traversed on the hand or cord operated track.

Matching hardware for tiebacks is available from decorator track suppliers. This can range from custom finished rosettes (100mm decorative discs on a stem fitted to the wall to take the ends of the tiebacks) for the upmarket wood poles which match the theme and finish of the finials, to holdbacks and plainer metal rosettes of a more contemporary look for the metal decorator tracks.


Motorised Curtain Tracks

Motorised curtain tracks will no doubt one day be the norm on larger openings, but it has to be said we have not achieved the volume needed to bring the prices down as with computer hardware for example, or even with roller blind motors; not for the serious 240v belt drive motorisation with remote control. There are customers, however, willing to allow something like an extra $1,000 per large opening who see value in the ease and convenience of motorisation for large curtains.

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