Why custom made curtains exceed ready made curtains

6 Things you should know about ready made curtains.
  1. Standard drops means you won’t be able to have your curtains in the popular ceiling to floor style.
  2. Standard widths means multiple separate curtains on any opening wider than about 2.4m
  3. Eyelet and tab top headings look great in photos but difficult to move and arrange.
  4. These curtains usually supplied with cheap expandable rods which need brackets every 900mm or so. You can’t move the curtain past the brackets!
  5. Gather tape headings – you will be pulling up the tapes yourself, and buying the hooks separately.
  6. Blockout coated ready made curtains may have inferior quality coating. We hear stories about the coating deteriorating or sticking together in laundering.

This is back to the early days with coating technology. You will have no such problems with the quality fabrics from Andersons.

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