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Fabric Bonded Blinds

Fabric Bonded Blinds Brisbane

Bonded blinds, as the industry shortens the terminology, after several decades being a favourite with decorators fell out of favour in the time of minimalism.  However, in the last few years in our experience, as bold, large scale prints have entered (or re-entered) the latest decorating fashion scene, they are coming more in demand.

Chain Control Bonded Blinds

Chain control operation is now the norm in place of the traditional spring operation, as with the standard roller blinds in stiffened fabric. Moreover, bonded fabric roller blinds are known as ‘holland blinds’ in the industry (whilst we are mentioning terminology).

Installing Brisbane Bonded Blinds

Be aware with bonded blinds, if they will not fit within the window reveal (which is the most common installation) and they need to be mounted on face (i.e. on the architrave or on the wall above the window) then the bonded fabric needs to fall over the back of the roller ‘back roll’ so that the blind hangs neat to the architrave or wall. Generally, we recommend 20-30mm away as opposed to 70-90mm away when the fabric comes over the front of the roller, ’front roll’.

Front roll is standard for reveal fit blinds because you see the face fabric without the roller on view. But back roll is necessary for a face fit situation to avoid large unsightly gaps between the blind fabric and the wall or architrave.

For face fit therefore, the reverse side of the blind fabric is on show, which is actually the plain fabric bonded to the back of the face fabric. For this reason a fascia covered in the same fabric as the blind, as mentioned above, is necessary.

This same situation occurs with the new generation block-out roller blind fabrics, which are acrylic coated. The reverse side of the bonded blind fabric does not match the front, and being on show for face fit installation, needs to be covered by a fascia.


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