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Fabric Roman Blinds

There is much expertise and experience required in successfully using soft furnishings fabrics for roman blinds and panelblinds, but the benefits are many. Many spectacular print designs are perfect for these blinds.

For both blind types, spline lath style is available. The spline lath system incorporates the fabric into the laths for plainer types of fabrics to make ‘grooves’ across the blind to give an appealing definition to the segments of the blinds in the down position, and also thus visually linking panelblinds with romans in the one setting. This system also allows for very wide blinds without unsightly seams in the fabric, the joints are concealed in the laths.

There is always an option for plain style, the plain panel of fabric look, without the ‘grooves’ if preferred. For patterned fabrics, there is sometimes the need for this style of separate laths attached at the rear so the pattern is not broken up.

Our standard hardware is top of the range Acmeda chain control. There are many traps with cheaper versions, such as the adhesive velcro peeling out of the headrail in Queensland’s heat & humidity. This will not happen with  Acmeda as the heading attachment is solid PVC incorporated in the headrail, not adhesive tape.


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