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Hard Roller Blinds

Most of what has to be said about roller blinds or ‘holland blinds’ has already been covered. You should be aware of bottom trim options. The so-called ‘Fancy’ trims of the past with different ‘cut-outs’ designs and various scallop shaped valances have departed except for traditionalist settings.

But blind manufacturers tend to offer only metal bottom rails as a contemporary finish. These are not a good option for bedrooms as a breeze may cause them to rattle against metal window frames. There are other options employing fabric covered laths to prevent this problem, such as Andersons’ Twin Lath, which is contemporary looking without being dead plain and boring.  Even our Single Lath finish, like the Twin Lath features concealed stitching, a similar segmented look to our Spline Lath style roman blinds.

Motorisation of roller blinds is more popular than motorised Brisbane curtains because:

  1. It is cheaper per motor (around $300 includes a remote control)
  2. It allows larger blinds than otherwise possible
  3. There are more frequently several blinds in an area which can be controlled individually, or as a group with multi-channel remote controls, and
  4. Blinds in inaccessible positions are more common.

All of the above applies equally to motorisation of roman blinds, by the way.

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