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Synthetic Shutters, Timber Shutters and Aluminium Shutters Brisbane

Virtually everything said before about timber venetians applies equally to shutters. If white or off white is your choice then synthetic shutters are increasingly inexpensive and very good quality, although long-winded, having to come from China. They are also waterproof and ideal for wet area applications. They continue to come down in price and are now a very affordable option for smaller windows in particular. The recent introduction of a Chinese Basswood version has introduced a very attractive range of timber stain colours.

Hinged shutters for small to medium windows are an excellent decorating choice. Bifold shutters can work in some situations, although a neater effect can often be achieved by multiple hinged.

Too many people stress about how they are going to open the shutters imagining they are like a blind of some kind when in reality if shutters are appropriate for a situation, all that gets opened is the actual blades, and very occasionally the shutters themselves for cleaning the windows.

Shutters over sliding doors or large openings need to be carefully thought out and designed, and for a lot of situations are not suitable. The ‘structure’ of sliding shutters is formidable and imposing in that they project so far from the wall to allow open shutters to slide past each other. There can be large light gaps at the sides. The best situation is butting to a wall on at least one side, and to a bulkhead or ceiling above.

We offer an extensive range of timber, synthetic and aluminium shutters for all applications.

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