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Roman Blinds Indooroopilly

Custom-Made Roman Blinds in Indooroopilly

The Roman blind, also known as the Roman shade, can be traced back to (you guessed it) the Roman Empire. Romans used to drape their wet clothing over their windows. This method helped remove dirt and debris while blocking any unwanted sunlight.

Interestingly, Roman blinds have a lot in common with awnings. Because some of the seats in the Coliseum were so hot during the summer, ancient Romans devised a giant extendable canopy to shade patrons. The device even came with pleats for increased flexibility.

Through these cultural practices and a bit of innovation, the ancient Romans developed the style of blinds we now know and love. Roman blinds are among the most popular window furnishings available on the market today. While they may be centuries old in origin, custom-made Roman blinds are a timely and savvy way to offer a more contemporary accent to your interior design.

Designing Your Custom-Made Roman Blinds

Most manufacturers offer Roman blinds made from roller blind fabrics, including mesh and sheer. At Andersons Window Furnishings, you won't find any shades made from those materials. That is because the material is too stiff to form even folds when the blind is raised and lowered. Additionally, roller blind fabric leaves an unkempt aesthetic because it is not possible to side hem.

Our team at Andersons Window Furnishings prides itself on providing you with the best-looking and most effective window treatments possible. After 30 years in the business, we know what works and what doesn't. While other manufacturers might offer their Roman blinds with roller blind fabric, we are confident we can do better.

From the moment you meet with one of our experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will take care of all your design needs from start to finish. Not only will we find what works with your budget and the current interior decorating in your home, but we’ll also ensure that we provide more eco-friendly and durable window treatments. With these considerations, by the time we finish our work, you are sure to love your custom Roman blinds.

Andersons Window Furnishings ensures the highest degree of aesthetic and practical execution. We do this by using coated fabrics or sewn-in lining. The result is a sleek appearance that leaves room for diverse decorating and complete satisfaction.

Are You Looking for Quality Custom Roman Blinds?

Bring out the best in your window treatments. If you're a homeowner in Indooroopilly, Roman blinds may be the answer for you. Since the dawn of the Roman Empire, people have used this style to provide their homes with the perfect blend of comfort and class.

Keep your home cool during the hottest of Indooroopilly days. With our Roman blinds, your home can become an oasis of style and comfort— all without breaking the bank. Learn more about how custom Roman blinds can enhance your home by contacting Andersons Window Furnishings at 07 3262 2133 today.

Proudly Serving Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly is a friendly suburb based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, located 7 kms west of the Brisbane CBD. Andersons Window Furnishings has been serving Indooroopilly for more than 30 years and has become the leading provider of custom made curtains and blinds in the area.

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